RoboRAVE Japan, 2017

Nov 10 - 12

Check in process

Step 1: Team check in and enter the arena and go to the team’s designated area. Assemble the robot if needed.

Step2: When the robot is ready, go to the robot inspection table and get your robot inspected.

Event Schedule

November 10 (Friday))

1 PM ~ 5 PM Practice, adjustment, team check-in

2017 year 11 November 11 (Saturday))

9 AM to 10 AM practice, adjustment, check-in

10 AM to 10:30 AM Opening Ceremony

10:30 AM to 3 PM practice, check-in continues...

Scoring starts after the opening ceremony - after 10:30 AM (qualifying rounds)

3: 15 pm- 04: 30 PM International exchange reception for players only.

2017 November November 12 (Sunday))

8 AM to 11:00 practice & scoring (qualifying rounds)

12:00 to 15:00 finals tournament

15:00 to 16:00 closing ceremony, awards


Challenge Eligible Grades
Jousting ES, MS
a-MAZE-ing ES, MS
Line Following ES, MS, HS
Sumobot ES, MS, HS ( Everyone play as one division)
Robotovate MS, HS ( Everyone play as one division)


At the place of this event, you pay the registration fee which is 1,500 yen / 1(one) kid

1,500 yen is includes two days lunches for players (Nov 11th and 12th.)

If coaches or adults need some lunches, please write the number of lunches while registering.

Go to Registration Page

Registration closes September 28th


Discounted rate for the two days of the event

View Hotel Details

Regular price for early arrivals and extended stay need to be worked out with the hotel

See hotel web site



Airport website

Local Transportation

Airport pickup and drop of will be arranged

Venue from hotel - 20 minutes

Transportation between hotel & venue is arranged